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The Institute of Geoarchitecture

Brest, Eole Park & Jean-Jaurès Street, 2005

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Geoarchitecture is indeed quite an unusual name. As it appears, it was first used by Le Corbusier in order to emphasize the multidimensional reality of that we call urbanism, which refers to a combination of urban planning and urban design. This is very much the pattern of the program offered in the institute of Geoarchitecture, department of the faculty of science and technologies within the University of Western Brittany (Brest).

As a professional course, the program involves along with the accademic staff a substantial number of experienced professional lecturers.

About the skills

Since 2004, the french third level of education works under a new pattern called LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorate), in accordance with the Bologna process.
— L for Licence is now the first degree in third level education which is gained after three years (i.e. Bachelor )
— M for Master is a two years program leading to the master degree open to students having completed our licence or a similar program.

From the very beginning two mainstreams, one in urban studies and the other in environment studies coexist and complement each other, leading to specialization in Master 2.
The institute of Geoarchitecture is a member of APERAU (french organisation of urban studies institutes) and AESOP the european counterpart.

About the studies

The studies mix academic and profession outlooks. We value personal research leading to thesis usually carried in groups of two or three coached by members of the staff. This involves frequent contacts with the professional environment. Along the program the students perform contracts with private and public bodies in business terms. A five to six month work experience completes the transition towards the professional career. Due to those requirements the numbers are limited to 30 in licence and 40 in each year of the Master.

The jobs we train for

The program intends to fullfill a wide range of expectations as our 600 hundreds past students show. We supply state regional and local public bodies as well as the private sector in urban planning, urban design, housing and related banking, estate development, environment management… A very active alumni network comes in as a great asset as far as job applications are concerned.

The students come from all over France and foreign applicants are very welcome provided they have quite fluent french and fulfill the academic requirements. Non EU Applicants must contact the Institute before the 31 of january [Admissions].